To distract it, then draw it out

Would it try? After a few, very long and raw minutes, the thing moved to its left. When the door between the east windows began rattling, it was almost enough to bring Matti screaming to her feet. But, it only rattled; it didn't open. Soon, it was back at the window north of the door, just standing there and peering into the dark interior, thinking...what? imobiliare bucuresti Matti wondered what kind of things they thought. Were they thoughts humans could even comprehend? It circled around to the west side, again. It rattled the first door, the Dutch door, then moved on down to the second one and rattled it, then imobiliare bucuresti back to the Dutch door. The rattles, this time, were soft, testing. Suddenly the upper half of the door slammed open. The laser flashed half a dozen times into the dark, hitting desks, tables, and the wall on the far side of the room. Fortunately, the wood didn't ignite under the brief contact with the thin beams and none of the cardboard boxes were hit, but the room still stank of smoldering wood. Matti didn't doubt that the room was likely to become a cardboard and old wood fueled inferno before much longer. Was that the plan? Was it going to burn her out...or just burn her up? She looked over her shoulder at the east door and wondered how long it would take her to jerk the chair away from the door, open the slide bolt, open the door, and then go through it. bucuresti No way could she do all of that before the invader got off a point blank range shot at her. The thing stayed there at the open upper half of the door, peering into the darkness. For several minutes, it alternated from there to one or the other of the broken windows, remaining at each place for eternally long moments. Each time it returned to the door, it rattled it again, but still hadn't reached inside to open it. Maybe it didn't know it could. Or maybe it was just having fun, like a cat with a mouse trapped in a box, knowing it would have its prize. * * * With an arrow nocked but the bow not drawn, Adam led the way up through the ice-plant on the sloped bank behind the supermarket. Fully expecting to encounter a patrol at any moment, he and fellow survivor, Jason Wolfe, made their way across the dirt and gravel parking area for the large trucks and trailers from nearby feed mills. Beyond the truck lot was the railroad-switching yard where several boxcars and tankers sat on spurs, appearing larger in the dark. Beneath the blood-colored moon, imobiliare imobiliare bucuresti bucuresti they crept across the gravelly, pebbly ground. It was only through Jason's unexpected intervention that Adam had escaped the invader that had imobiliare bucuresti pursued him from the rose-arbor park earlier in the day, after which he had led Jason and his three companions to The Judge's Victorian. With the dark of night for cover, the two had ventured out to determine how easily the alien invaders could be killed. They had encountered no patrolling aliens, but they did locate the invaders' base camp in the parking lot of the shopping center now behind them. Foregoing a suicidal attack on the aliens' base, they continued their search for a lone soldier on which to test their weapon, a powerful hunting bow and a quiver of broad head-tipped arrows. Creeping from shadow to shadow, they used the bulk of parked trucks, trailers and railroad cars to traverse the otherwise open expanse between the river-side shopping